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Top secret picture of omega, a.k.a. Tamas Henning

Name: Tamas Henning

Alias: omega

Age: 12

Area of Residence: Has no area. Saint Gheorghe, Romania.

Family: Mother, father, two brothers. (A recent report, however, notes that all four of these people refuse to claim Henning as a member of their family.)

Phone Number: 00-40-67-312284

Other Forms of Contact: E-mail:, ICQ: #25299050

Favorite Activities: Smoking amounts of new shipments of illegal cocaine, member of the "Young Communists of Romania" and the "Future Stalinists of Europe", like to annoy people with his posture, enjoys talking to other illiterates like himself, and is just an everyday fucking moron.

Physical Appearance: 4 feet, 6 inches, blue eyes, large head, small body, very thin, only 79 pounds, large, dark bags under his eyes, dark hair, very malnutritioned.

Disabilities: Malnutrition, possibly retarded, unable to speak a sentence in English without making a mistake or letting out a curse word, drug addict, extremely gullible.

Has posed a threat to the United States government with his stupidity. Has been known to spout out sentences of gibberish, although Henning claims it to be English. Further analysis was able to translate some of his dialogue... this includes "oh ye and im tom curze" which translates into "The Communist Party will soon take control of the Romanian government once again, and our leader will be an absolute ruler, namely a dictator." The CIA has kept close watch under this child. However, most inspectors resigned from their post, claiming "This kid's too stupid to even pose a threat to a third-world power." Henning is known to carry with him a folder with a picture of Nikita Kruschev on the cover, a school book with a cover that has the star and sickle, a symbol of the Soviet Union, and a card noting him as a member of the Communist Party. He is also a drug dealer who actually consumes and abuses srugs more than he deals them. His appearance is an example of that.